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Browsing Optometry Senior Research Projects by Subject "Athletics"

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  • Graham, Rhonda; Farrell, Rob (1990-04-13)
    Sports and activities that require the usage of goggles or protective eyewear are numerous in this country. Racketball, handball, tennis, woodworking, and countless other events need adequate eye protection to insure the ...
  • Gabriel, David C. (1985-04-01)
    This paper will look at the effect that three sunlenses have on a fielders ability to seperate the suns rays from an inflight baseball. Teseted lenses include polaroid, green 15, and CPF 550 sunlenses against no lenses. ...
  • Dunbar, Mark T. (1986-05-01)
    Two Ferris State College varsity baseball players were utilized in this pilot project to determine if eye dominance and binocularity affect visual performance in hitting a baseball. The results indicate from these two ...
  • Schacherer, Craig E. (1989-04-29)
    Athletes are consistently striving to reach their performance peak using methods from steroids to hypnotism. This paper concentrates on finding an aspect of the visual system that separates the superior athlete from the ...

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