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  • Snoeyink, Thomas D. (1982-05-01)
    The Ferris State College of Optometry Low Vision Clinic has seen many low vision patients in its short history. In the last 3.5 years a total of 289 patients were evaluated. In 1978, the initial year, 15 patients were ...
  • Vincent, Cheri; Chelsky, Mary Pat (1986-04-17)
    The purpose of this paper is to compare the results obtained when visual acuity is measured in the low vision patient using two acuity charts: the Projecto-Chart snellen letters and the Feinbloom Designs for Vision Chart. ...
  • Tocco, Angelo (1980-05-01)
    Low vision, or more currently termed subnormal vision, is an important aspect of vision that optometrists should be familiar with if they wish to offer a full-scope optometric practice to the public. This paper will attempt ...
  • Weberling, Michelle K. (1997-03-14)
    Before considering a specialty in low VISion, one must have some knowledge and basic understanding of the "politics" involved in the state of Michigan. It is important to understand how many different professionals are ...
  • Taylor, Bradley (1987-05-01)
    The low vision patient faces many obstacles in everyday life. Whether the reduced vision occurs at birth or later in life, the individual must adapt both physically and psychologically. Like any other person with a ...
  • Hooker, William J. (1983-04-01)
    In search for new and better ways of measuring visual acuity in the pediatric population, several acuity tests have recently been developed. One such test ts the PEDIATRIC LOW VISION TEST CHART designed by Edwin L.Novak, ...

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