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dc.contributor.advisor Pilgrim, David, Dr. 2014-02-19T20:22:01Z 2014-02-19T20:22:01Z 2000-11
dc.description.abstract During the postwar period of Radical Reconstruction (1867-1877), many white writers argued that without slavery-which supposedly contained their animalistic tendencies- blacks were reverting to criminal savagery. The brute caricature portrayed black men as threatening menaces, fiends, and sociopaths, and as hideous, terrifying predators who targeted helpless victims, especially white women. en_US
dc.publisher Jim Crow Museum Website en_US
dc.subject Brute Caricature, stereotypes, jim crow era, brute, jim crow museum, en_US
dc.title The Brute Caricature en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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  • Caricatures
    Common caricatures and stereotypes of African Americans during and after Jim Crow era.

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